I began taking lessons with Augusta last year. I’ve ridden with many trainers over the years, but Augusta has taught me things I’d never learned or even heard before, and always with great kindness, patience and humor. I always look forward to my lessons with her and know that, no matter how things go, it will be fun and I’ll never feel bad about my riding. She’s always encouraging. I’m so thankful I found my way to her.

Lyn Suggs

Augusta has a patient and positive approach to teaching. She establishes in her riders the foundations of correct dressage, as well as core techniques that apply in any discipline. She reinforces these elements throughout the lesson and in subsequent lessons. She has the ability to recognize and hone in on skills specific to the rider and horse. Augusta cares deeply about horses, and strives to help riders bring their horse to their full potential.

Donna and Kira Kelley

I rode with Augusta for approximately 6 months while in school, and I cannot recommend Augusta enough as an instructor. She gave me a new perspective on the way I communicate with horses and the way I hold and engage myself when I ride. She explains everything very clearly, will push you out of your comfort zone, and more than likely you'll walk away surprising yourself with what you're really capable of. I gained a lot of confidence and the strongest seat I've had riding under Augusta's instruction and left every lesson learning something new or gaining a new skill or exercise to carry with me moving forward.

Brittany Peterson

I had an excellent lesson with Augusta. She is a very knowledgeable instructor who is great for a variety of disciplines.

Angela Monroe

Augusta was excellent. She is very thorough in her explanations. I got a lot out of my lesson.

Karen Ruggiero

For over five years now I have observed and participated in lessons Augusta has given in various locations and was very impressed. As a little girl watching her teach lessons at the first barn I joined, she was my role model and still is to this day. This past summer especially she taught me things I have never heard of in my ten years of riding. I rode this horse, Emmett, two to three times a week one on one with her. The first time I got on I didn't think I would be able to ever control him. One of the most important lessons Augusta taught me was patience. I saw so much improvement in many ways. Augusta has a perfect way of wording her instructions to a point where anyone can understand her and ride without questioning what they are doing. If you had ever thought about horseback riding your experience won't be negative with Augusta. I learned more this short summer than I had in my entire riding career.

Annette Clark

Augusta is the whole package. She is a kind, patient, encouraging, and efficient trainer as well as rider. Whether you do dressage, jumping, or eventing she can help you achieve your equine goals and become a better rider.

Braxton Murphy